Posted on October 14, 2018

Lessons learned this week. This week we learned about choosing a site builder, and choosing a host. I think there was something in there about choosing a domain name but I didn’t understand it. I’m a very slow learner, so this is no surprise. It takes me weeks to take into my mind and digest, and come to an understanding, what other people just look once and they are off and running. I’ve always been slow mentally and physically, my so called friends of my formative years thought it was funny to call me a snail or turtle for a nick name.So at the beginning of my research I thought Wix.com would be the best site builder. Then as we moved forward into choosing a host. I thought Dreamhost would be the best host for my website. Then after reading our teachers thoughts on site builders and hosts, and reading my classmates thoughts on same site builders and hosts, I feel very conflicted and confused as to what is the best choice for me to build my website.


I’m a poor unemployed student and I can’t afford an expensive website with all the bells and whistles. I just need the basics, to get started. We also finished our first project which was to choose a product. We did some excel spreadsheet to help us. I still feel confused about what my product should be at this point after getting my excel spreadsheet results.


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