Posted on October 27, 2018

Making the website, and learning about licenses and taxes for running a sole proprietorship business. I managed to may my website, it is adding up in costs. I went with WIX.com because I was running out of time after all the time spent on research. Also because I don’t have coding abilities. The payments started adding up, $25.00 a month for the e-commerce website, $24.85 per year for my domain name.

I haven’t achieved the business license yet, still researching trying to fine out what to do where to start. I think there is a $40.00 fee to start the license process and I expect more hidden costs to follow. The Paypal account was free but had to enter a bank account or credit card account to receive payments.

But I worry about the security of all of this online business. https://www.photosbylilacwings.com/



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