Posted on November 3, 2018

Lessons learned this week are very discouraging to me. I used the Adwords campaign and the estimated daily cost was $15,000.00. I just can’t afford that. I must be doing it wrong? Just for example; keyword, photography USD, Min search 100,000, Max search 1,000,000, Competition, Low, Top of page 1.86, Top of page 9.84. The very first information line in my Adwords search. I then worked on the excel spreadsheet. I needed more information on how this was actually going to work. I did my best, but it was very confusing. I put my Keywords in that I got from my Adwords, and then I didn’t understand what to do next. I felt like even though there were lots of links to click on for this week’s lesson I read all the information, but I did not understand how to use the information. I’m glad I’m taking this business class because this is my very first business class ever. I feel like I’ve been tossed into the water and not know how to swim yet. I am being exposed to business ideas and concepts for the first time and trying to learn how to use them.


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