Posted on November 10, 2018

This week I learned to write an advertisement for my website. One of the articles I read, “Short Sentences Sell:How to Make a Big Bang with Little Words”, By Sherice Jacobs Feb.24, 2010, influenced me in the writing of my advertisement. My advertising slogan is “Photography that fills your dreams.”


First thing on the list in the article was using simplified language. Using words with fewer than three syllables. The point being everything is now instant, thanks to the “world wide web,” The internet now has a world wide audience, and that audience is getting used to on demand instant gratification. It’s so easy to search the internet and click and next day delivery at your doorstep.


Secondly the article tells us to cut the junk words from our copy. The examples were,”It seems like,”‘Possibly,””Actually,”‘very,””just,””maybe.” Unnecessary verbiage.


Third example, don’t use flat exaggerated attention grabbing statements. Instead use an inviting short thought provoking paragraph. Seems more client friendly.


Finally It’s recommend to use sentence structure in an “Active voice,”being a positive progressive attitude leading the client to the desired result. Using a “passive voice” is discouraged as it is dragging the ad down, seeming doubtful as to the product.


With these examples my slogan is very short as the end result.


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